Chloe Olsen is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies with a minor in Journalism and a concentration in Sustainable Business.
She is especially interested in food systems and innovation when it comes to food waste. Chloe is a researcher for the SDG Undergraduate Research Group and works with the environmental justice team to evaluate the 2019/20 UC Berkeley Sustainability Plan and offer suggestions for better incorporating environmental justice. She is also an active member of Food Association at Berkeley and acts as a business advisor for the group.
She finds purpose in helping others who bear the brunt of the effects of environmental degradation and climate change and wants to ensure that people can thrive in an environment that not only they love, but that loves them back.
Chloe is looking forward to studying biodiversity in Copenhagen and renewable energy in Iceland in the coming months!

Chloe *just* completed the course Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics, taught by Dr. Robert Strand.