Nina Kopola began her five-year term as Director General of Business Finland on 1 September 2019. Her leadership has already brought about the implementation of Business Finland's strategic and organisational reform.
Kopola is widely recognised as an experienced business leader and pioneering female CEO. She is best known for her time as CEO of the Suominen Corporation and as Business Director at Dynea, and was the only female CEO of a publicly listed company in Finland for quite some time. She has also served on the board of directors of many other listed companies.

Kopola holds a master’s degree in engineering and a licentiate of technology.
Throughout her career, Kopola has gained a wealth of experience in international business, especially in the process industry. She is also adept at research, product and business development, and marketing. Above all, Nina Kopola is a reformer, a leader of people, and an expert in overseeing organisational change